Pregnancy Yoga

Passionate about yoga and the transformative power of motherhood, Amy has undergone additional training as a pre and postnatal yoga teacher through the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY.) She has also certified as a UK Doula (labor assistant) with Michele O’dent extending her knowledge as a childbirth partner for mums-to-be supporting them through their labour.

Amy continues to find great inspiration from the many pregnant women and couples she has worked with in her yoga classes over the years. Her own children and her experience of motherhood have been a huge influence on her teaching as well.

The greatest focus in Amy's pregnancy yoga classes is the breath and its many important functions. In a prenatal yoga practice the breath becomes the primary focus connecting women with their baby’s movements in all stages of labour. Smooth, controlled breathing can have transformative calming effects on the nervous system and can work to tell the body to release, relax and let go. It also connects baby to the outside world as mum takes in each breath and nurtures her little one! 

Amy’s prenatal yoga classes weave together a gentle and flowing yoga practice and childbirth preparation, empowering mothers-to-be to own their own birth and use the skills they already posses within themselves to deliver their babies. She weaves her experience into her classes in a humorous and thoughtful way and helps remind mums-to-be of their connection to their baby. She gives thanks to her teachers and friends Judy Cameron, Tara Lee, Joey Miles and Anna Ashby.

“Cultivating a bond between mums-to-be and the thousands of women who have undergone childbirth for centuries is a concept I use to connect women to one another and to empower them in their childbirth.”
Pregnancy Yoga DVD with Tara Lee and me (with my bump, Felix.)  Buy it now on amazon.

Pregnancy Yoga DVD with Tara Lee and me (with my bump, Felix.) Buy it now on amazon.